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Restoration Commitment 

At VeloceSport we believe in maintaining a totally professional restoration service, enriched with a friendly and personalised approach that aligns seamlessly with the unique requirements of each customer. Our expertise embraces restorations of all classic Alfa Romeos, demonstrating our ability to handle every aspect of vehicle restoration, down to the smallest detail.

We also offer nationwide car collection and delivery for customers who require this service.

Customer Satisfaction

A significant aspect of owning and restoring your classic Alfa Romeo is immersing yourself in the experience. Whether your preference leans towards maintaining authenticity or infusing custom elements, a plethora of options awaits you when you embark on the restoration journey with us. From selecting the perfect paint colour, to crafting a unique interior design, enhancing the handling and performance, or upgrading mechanical components - every choice you make serves to infuse the car with your personal flair. Whatever your vision, we can help transform it into a tangible reality, adding a truly individualistic touch to your Alfa.


A Restoration is an intricate, meticulous process that demands patience and precision. Armed with a deep reservoir of knowledge, an unwavering passion, and over three and a half decades of hands-on experience with these models, we are poised to transform your Alfa Romeo into a deeply personal and thoroughly enjoyable masterpiece. Our expertise runs deep, allowing us to focus on every minute detail, whether we're reverting the car to its factory original state or catering to a customer's unique specifications.

Thanks to our longstanding dedication to these vehicles, we maintain an extensive inventory of New, Used, New Old Stock, and a variety of rare original parts essential for your restoration. Unlike other restorers, who often grapple with sourcing elusive parts that can result in delays, we have all necessary components at our fingertips. This makes VeloceSport the ultimate destination for comprehensive, seamless classic Alfa Romeo restoration.


We are equipped with an array of specialist tools, we insist on using only the highest quality new parts and body panels for our restorations - all of which are stored in-house. We give meticulous attention to each customer's distinct specifications, carefully evaluating each stage of the restoration process to ensure it aligns with our exceptionally stringent standards. At VeloceSport, every detail matters, and it's this unwavering dedication to precision and quality that sets our restorations apart.


Body Shop

Engine, Carburettor & Gearbox Rebuild

Paint Shop


Race Preparation

Suspension & Braking System Rebuild

Clutch Replacement

Bespoke Interior, Upholstery & Headlining

Laser Wheel Alignment


We also provide a comprehensive photographic record on all of our restorations which will be shared with you as the build progresses.

Please contact us if you would like further details of our services or are considering any restoration work big or small for your classic Alfa Romeo.

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