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Managing Director - Adam Andrews

Adam founded VeloceSport in Ilford, Essex around the year 1985 where his love for Alfa Romeos took off in the garage of his mums house. Soon enough he moved premises to a large yard where he ran VeloceSport for a few years before relocating to Lincolnshire with his family in 1998 to where he still resides on his 3.5 acre Alfa Romeo haven. Adam is an old school kind of person with raw passion. If you know him then you'll know he is a very straight to the point honest man. He is a walking encyclopaedia when it comes to Alfa Romeos and is what you call a true enthusiast. His love and knowledge for these cars is shown in the work he produces. If you get chatting to him, you'll find yourself lost in Alfisti chat for a good few hours where you'll truly see his passion shine. Once meeting Adam you will leave having complete trust in his capabilities and know that you are having your car restored by one of the best in the business. Adams son AJ (Adam Junior) and daughter Emma both work for VeloceSport now. Adams wife Ann helps out running errands and keeping the office fed and hydrated. As there are only a few of us at Veloce Sport, you personally deal with Adam, AJ or Emma. We are a family business, meaning VeloceSport has heart behind it. Adam has dedicated his life to VeloceSport, the saying 'blood sweat and tears' is no exaggeration. If you ask Adam what his idea of relaxing is, his response would be 'out in the workshop working on the Alfas'. He oozes out passion for what he does, being one of the longest established alfa specialists in the UK.


Adams Current Alfa collection 2022 - 4C, 101 Spider Veloce, 2000 GTV, 916 3.0 V6 GTV, Alfasud Ti, Sprint GT Veloce and our tow vehicle which is a Stelvio 280 Veloce 

Adam (Junior) Andrews - also known as AJ

AJ has spent most of his life in the garage watching and helping his dad so naturally loves cars. AJ studied Level 3 Engineering Diploma and A-Level in Graphics/Product Design at 6th Form and then went onto study Motorsport Engineering at Coventry University but soon realised hat uni life wasn't for him and went full time working for VeloceSport in 2015. rewind a few years, at the age of 12 AJ began to compete in British Karting Championships and then went on to World Series Karting Championships racing along side the likes of George Russell, Lando Norris, Antonio Giovinazzi, Esteban Ocon. 

Emma Andrews

Emma Joined in October 2021 to assist AJ in the office as the online parts sales side of the business expanded... although she does enjoy helping out in the garage from time to time if she gets the chance. Along with Emma, comes Rodney the Rottweiler, who comes with her to work everyday. Outside of work Emma and her Partner David love to renovate houses. They are onto their 3rd renovation project now which they complete after work and weekends. She loves cars/bikes and music and says her dream job would be either a DJ or rally driver.

Rob Jones - Welder 

Rob has been with us over 20 years now and is another alfa enthusiast, owning his own Montreal and restores them too within his own Montreal restoration company 105 Revive, which he runs at weekends and evenings. 


Body Shop

Engine, Carburettor & Gearbox Rebuild

Paint Shop


Race Preparation

Suspension & Braking System Rebuild

Clutch Replacement

Bespoke Interior, Upholstery & Headlining

Laser Wheel Alignment


We also provide a comprehensive photographic record on all of our restorations which will be shared with you as the build progresses.

Please contact us if you would like further details of our services or are considering any restoration work big or small for your classic Alfa Romeo.

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